Skater-to-Skater – Tried and Tested by Marcelle

May 26, 2023

In this Skater-to-Skater chat we caught up with a RollerFit regular who oozes style, on and off skates. Marcelle (she/her) is a dedicated Sydney RollerFit skater who has tried her hand at many of the disciplines roller skating has to offer, meaning she’s also tried and tested a bunch of roller skating stuffs along the way. We are big Marcelle fans, and know you will be too, so we asked Marcelle to give us all the goss about her skating journey and the products she loves.  

Hi skater, I’m Marcelle!

I skated as a kid, but it was just an occasional recreational pastime. I think back and cringe about how I was careening around the mean (and extremely uneven) streets of South London, on who-knows-what wheels, with ZERO protective gear. Still, I survived with my bones and teeth intact! What can I say? We ’80’s kids are just built different, I guess. 

From my teens onwards I barely touched a pair of skates every few years at best—less than that as I got older. That was until I took my eldest daughter to a roller skating party hosted by none other than RollerFit. I remember Stacey handing out the skates, then saying that the adults could have a roll as well, if they wanted to. Even though it had been years since I’d skated, I strapped on a pair of hire skates and had a blast skating around with the kids. I remember thinking “Where has skating been all my life?” and vowing to do it more often. 

The rest, as they say, is history. And by history, I mean that started attending Rollerfit classes at Tempe, and have never looked back.

I quickly fell in love (again) with skating, and embraced the pain and frustration of learning new skills as an adult (it’s sloooooooooow). I remember looking around the classes at more experienced skaters in awe of how they seemed as comfortable on wheels as they did in shoes, but now I feel the same way myself. 

As time has gone on, I’ve learned more about skating than I ever knew before and been exposed to various styles and forms of the sport. So far, rhythm skating is my jam (pun intended), so, with the limited time I have, I tend to focus on that. I still have a long way to go on my learning journey, but I’m enjoying being an old dog picking up new tricks!

When it comes to skate products, I live by the mantra “If it’s not leopard print, I don’t want it!” You can see some of the products I love and why below. 


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