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General Info

Please note that RollerFit and Roller Dance Levels are different, see the classes explained page for more info. If you are new to roller dance skating we recommend booking into the Fundamentals 1, or if you have some prior knowledge and are unsure or have any questions email to discuss which class to join. To take part in the dance classes you must be able to confidently skate forward, stop and turn around. Backwards skating ability is highly recommended.

Minimum age 14 years.

Class Timetable

11:30 am – 12:30 pm: Fundamentals 4 Casual Class (Advanced)

12:30 pm – 1:30 pm: Fundamentals 3 Casual Class (Intermediate)

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm: Fundamentals Courses – see booking page for current and upcoming courses

* Courses run for 4 weeks continuously throughout the year. For updates on upcoming courses please sign up to the Roller Dance mailing list below.

6:30 pm – 7:30 pm – Weekly – Adults Roller Dance Jam (Self Directed Training)

Class & Workshop Pricing

Casual Class

Members: $20 (B.Y.O SKATES)

Non-members: $25 (B.Y.O SKATES)

Roller Dance Jam

Members: $12 (B.Y.O SKATES)

Non-members: $15 (B.Y.O SKATES)

Roller Dance Courses vary in price depending on length of course and length of classes. Please check bookwhen for up to date pricing and current workshops. 

Class Passes for 1-4 casual dance classes and initial membership sign up can be purchased via the booking site for Roller Dance Northcote classes.

Join our Membership Program!

For a one-off fee of $45, you get:

  • A welcome pack, which includes our current RollerFit gift and a $10 voucher for our store.
  • Access to our members-only Facebook group, making it easy to keep up to date with new events and products
  • Access to class passes and more affordable drop-in classes.
  • 10% discount for the RollerFit shop on selected products

If you don’t want to become a member, that’s OK! You can continue to pay the drop-in casual prices and keep rolling with us as much as you please.

Class Location


Nestled in Northcote bushland on the banks of Merri Creek you will find our dance venue. Plenty of parking in the surrounding streets, if you are putting this into your GPS do not put the unit number as that will take you to the incorrect location, check google maps below for an accurate location. This is the last building on the left-hand side of the road when driving. 

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel please email to discuss. All cancellation requests must be made 48 hours or more before your scheduled class. 


Around a decade ago RollerFit started as a group of women who wanted to get fit rolling around on basketball courts. Now, due to the appeal of our classes, we have locations all across the East coast of Australia. Meet our coaches of the Northcote RollerDance Classes.

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Amy is a skater born from RollerFit! The stars aligned and it was love at first skate back in 2012 when Amy came along to a RollerFit Valentines Day session with her friend. Amy has gone on to tear up the derby track with VRDL in Melbourne. Now the owner of RollerFit in Victoria, Amy shares her passion and knowledge for recreational skating, artistic skating, roller dance and slalom.
Fi’s skating journey began nearly 4 years ago when a great love was sparked during a RollerFit class. Fi is seriously dedicated to the 8 wheel life, coming to every possible class and joining the RollerFit coaching team in late 2020. Fi has a passion for community working with Queer Sporting Alliance to create accessible and safe spaces for for LGBTIQA+ folks in sports. Fi’s fav set of skates are Moxi Jack Boots with a short mounted Roll-Line Energy plate, decked out with Rollerbones Art Elite wheels.

Northcote Roller Dance ROLLERFIT

Frequently Asked

At RollerFit we get questions from skaters of all levels, all the time. To make life easier for you (and us), we’ve put together our most frequently asked questions below and there’s even more listed here.

If you have a question please take a look here first so our team can spend their time making more awesome stuff happen on wheels.

See the class timetable at the start of this page or click here to go to the booking site for the Northcote Roller Dance schedule.

  1. Hit the “book now” button or click here.
  2. If you have a RollerFit bookwhen account, log in to use your class pass. If you do not have a class pass or are booking a class for the first time, go to Step 3.
  3. Select your desired class/es by clicking on the class and pressing the “Select” button and choosing your preferred ticket option. If you want to purchase a class pass see Step 4. If you do not want to purchase a class pass go to Step 5.
  4. Once you’ve selected your classes you can then add a class pass to your booking. Go to the “CLASS PASSES” tab at the top of the page and select the pass you wish to purchase. Once you’ve added your class pass to your cart you should see a line through the class price of each booking and green text underneath reading “class pass use” in your cart. You must be a RollerFit Member to access class passes. If you are not a Member you can purchase a Membership and Class Pass on the booking page.
  5. Review your bookings, add any Members discount codes necessary and hit the green “Book now” button at the bottom of the page.
  6. Fill out the required information for Attendee Details.
  7. Complete the online payment by clicking on the “PayPal check out” button if necessary.
  8. Once the payment or booking is complete you will see a confirmation screen to say your booking is complete. If you have not already done so, you can now create an account.
  9. If you happen to make a mistake or want to change your booking at any time up until the class you can do this via the bookwhen system using the details from your confirmation booking email or account.

If you need to cancel please email to discuss. All cancellation requests must be made within 48 hours or more before your scheduled class.


If you have never roller skated before we recommend you check out our RollerFit Development classes first. You can also check out our classes explained page for information on class levels. We have beginner classes at our Reservoir venue, which are specifically geared to teaching the absolute basics of roller skating. We can’t wait to start you off on your roller skating journey!

All RollerFit roller dance class are B.Y.O skates only. 

If you don’t have your own skates or are looking to upgrade, we sell all types of skates, across all disciplines. From beginner to advanced, recreational to professional. All of our coaches are well educated on the kinds of skates available and what is best for each style of skating, so you might want to chat with us at your next class. We love talking about skate gear, so don’t be shy.

Alternatively, you can contact for some advice.

To browse the options available, visit our shop. All RollerFit members receive a 10% discount on some of our stock.

RollerFit roller dance classes are B.Y.O gear and skates only. If you want to wear protective gear please bring your own or you can purchase your own through our online shop.

We know that roller skating is a fun and exciting skill to photograph and video, whether that be to record personal progress or share with friends and family or on social media. Whilst we encourage skaters and/or parents/caregivers to feel comfortable creating this content, we also want all RollerFit participants to enjoy their classes to the fullest extent.

If you would like to photograph or video content before, during or after classes please be mindful of other skaters around you. Keep photography or filming to the edges of the skating space. If you are a spectator please remain on the side of the court, for the safety of all persons in attendance.

If you can see other skaters in your photos or videos, please be respectful and obtain consent. If the photo or video features a child or youth under the age of 18, you must obtain consent from the child’s parent or caregiver. In all cases of obtaining consent please explain the potential use of the content, such as keeping to monitor personal progress or sharing on social media. If consent cannot be obtained we politely ask that you do not include the person in your photo/video, or, if the photo has already been taken or video filmed please delete the content and make sure not to distribute it.

Class Testimonials

I started going to RollerFit since the very beginning. I hadn’t been on roller skates before not even in my childhood and I found it really challenging to even stand. Everyone was really supportive and really helped me gain the confidence to keep learning and finally be able to skate properly. Stacey and the other coaches also helped me get my confidence to play roller derby.


RollerFit is the most fun, addictive, and pressure-free fitness class I've experienced. Learning from a passionate skater like Stacey drives me to want to learn new things, and compliments my roller derby training.

Alexandra Robinson

I love RollerFit! I started to advance my footwork and agility skills on skates and I've already seen results! It's an amazing way to get fit and have fun.


2.5 years down the track and I'm still loving RollerFit. I'm fitter than I have been in years, have met so many great people, and always enjoy learning new tips & tricks from the RollerFit instructors.

Sofi Sey

RollerFit has changed my life completely. I didn’t just find a place where I could learn how to skate properly and actually do it every week I have also found amazing people I can share this experience with. The best place to go to keep fit, learn new skills, have fun and socialise.

Stefi Schelzig


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