A Friendly Reminder to Bend Your Knees!

April 4, 2024

We interrupt your day to bring you a PSA and the best roller skating tip you will ever get, and it goes out to all skaters. No matter if you’re brand new to roller skating or have been rolling on 8 wheels for decades. Whether you skate recreationally, do roller dance, rhythm skating, jam skating, artistic, park or derby this will help you. Please just BEND YOUR KNEES!

Feeling unstable? Bend your knees.

Pain in your lower back? Bend your knees.

Struggling to land that move? Bend your knees.

Think you’re bending your knees? Check again and then actually bend your knees.

Why are we so passionate about bending your knees?

Well for starters your knees are an important part of your balance and stability. Bending your knees helps to engage more muscles in your legs, butt and core for greater control. Bending your knees makes it easier to balance, shift your weight, push off and land cleaner jumps.

This one might sound a bit strange but bending your knees creates more space for you to do skate skills. Stiff straight legs can reduce your range of motion, making it difficult to do footwork and shift your weight from side to side and back and forth. Giving your knees anywhere from a slight to a dramatic bend increases your range of motion and helps you open up your upper body to perform skate skills.

Most importantly though, bending your knees helps you to stack your bones! Body alignment is so important in roller skating and in daily life. It helps with strength and stability and reduces the chance of causing unnecessary pain or strain in areas such as your lower back which try and take the load and compensate for other parts of your body that may lack mobility or strength. But what does stacking your bones look and feel like? When you bend your knees you can stack your body starting from your ears to sit in line with your shoulders, which then are stacked in line with your hips, and this goes all the way down to have your hips sitting in line with your ankles when you are in an upright position.

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Rant over! Continue on with your day and don’t forget about your knees 😉


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