Rollin’ With The Skills – 3 Beginner Roller Dance Moves You Need To Try

Are you roller dance curious? In this instalment of our Rollin’ With the Skills series, we’re encouraging you to dip your toe into the roller dance and rhythm skating waters. We caught up with some of our regular Sydney and Melbourne dance skaters to get their recommendations for some beginner roller dance skills that you should try.

The Box Step
Starting nice and cruisey with the Box Step, this move is all about creating a square shape with one foot at a time. Holding most of your weight in one leg, move the foot of the opposite leg to point your toes out 90 degrees away from your body. Then continue to move the same foot by bringing your heel out 90 degrees to stand with feet parallel. To complete the box step reverse it by bringing the heel back in 90 degrees, followed by the toes to return to the starting position. Repeat with the opposite leg. You can challenge yourself by increasing the speed or width of your Box Step or doing both feet at the same time.

The Original
When we talk about The Original, our brains say over and out. Starting with feet parallel, cross one leg in front of the other, shifting your weight into the leg sitting at the back. Once your legs are crossed you shift the weight into the front leg as you step the back leg out to the side. For flair you can push the foot of the initial crossing leg out further from your body and bring it back in. Complete the movement by doing the same on the opposite side. Start slow and feel solid in each stance before increasing the speed.

The Zero
This move is a roller dance classic and has loads of variations once you get comfy with this base move. You will start by doing your Zero to the right, this means you will push your right foot in front of your body up onto the heel wheels. As you bring the right foot back towards your body you will rotate your hips 90 degrees to the left to roll backwards in a staggered position with the right leg at the back on the toe wheels. To land the move, rotate your hips 90 degrees to the right to face the front and drop your left behind the body on its toe wheels. To continue the move do the opposite in the other direction (that means the left foot moves forward then travels at the back of the staggered stance).

If you enjoyed these roller dance and rhythm skating skills we’ve got loads more up our sleeves! Check out our locations and class timetables for roller dance classes near you. Happy skating!

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