Skater-to-Skater – Mel’s Must Haves and Recommendations

December 2, 2022

For our next instalment of the Skater-to-Skater series we caught up with RollerFit Newcastle Instructor, Mel.

Mel is a roller skater with some serious groove! It’s hard not to be mesmerised as she flows between moves or around a bowl. Starting her RollerFit journey back in 2020, Mel is a natural skater and quick learner with creativity and style to boot. Mel does a little bit of everything from RollerFit, to roller dance and park skating. Mel loves to watch RollerFitters develop their skating confidence and gets an extra special kick out of showing people the ropes for their first time on 8 wheels.

We asked Mel for her fave products and she came through! Mel has some recommendations for all those beginners looking to upgrade their skate kit as well as a little list of her personal must-haves for rhythm skating and roller dance.

Looking to upgrade?

Mel's personal faves


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