Skater-to-Skater – Colour Your World Kimmy Style

January 26, 2023

We’re back with another Skater-to-Skater instalment and this time we had the pleasure to catch up with the bubbly, bright, queen of colour herself, Kimmy (she/her)! If you’re a Brisbane RollerFitter you’ll know her well, but if you haven’t had the joy of meeting Kimmy, make sure you give her a follow to get your daily dose of happiness on 8 wheels. We asked Kimmy to share some of her must-have roller skate products with us all so you can colour your roller skate life too. If you like Kimmy’s recommendations you can use the code “KIMMYGRACE” for 10% off the RollerFit range in store and online.

Hi skaters, I’m Kimmy!

I roller skated as a kid and LOVED the feeling of flying that skating gives. I even had my 7th birthday at a skate rink 😍. I got my first pair of skates as an adult in December 2020 and quickly became obsessed! I love the joy that skating brings, the smiles that come from learning to skate and mesmerised onlookers is the best. I am obsessed with dance skating, especially putting on loud music and jamming out to the music.

RollerFit has asked me to share my favourite roller skating goodies with you all. Think colour, cuteness and comfort!


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