Skater-to-Skater – Ally’s Roller Skating Essentials

January 17, 2023

Next up in our Skater-to-Skaters series, we got in touch with one of our favourite colourful cuties on 8 wheels, Ally (she/her)! We asked Ally to give us, and you, the lowdown on her roller skating must-haves so you can bring some of that Ally energy to your next skate sesh. If you like her recommendations you can use the code “allysk8rgator” for 10% off the RollerFit range in store and online.

Hiya I’m Ally, aka @allysk8rgator!

I started skating at the end of 2019 right before the pandemic, rocking cheetah print Impala’s with pastel rainbow laces and bright orange toe guards (interesting colour choices I know). When the pandemic hit all I had was time, time I used productively skating every minute I could. I documented everything from my accomplishments to falling flat onto my bum, with the skating community supporting me through it all. My favourite kind of skating to do is park, but when I became a Rollerfit instructor at the end of 2020 I discovered a love for dance.

I didn’t think that a pair of shoes with wheels attached would change my life the way it did. The incredible friendships and opportunities that those wheely shoes have given me fills my heart with glee. The most important of them all is RollerFit! Having the opportunity to share my love for skating by supporting and instructing others to reach their skate dreams gives me so much joy!

RollerFit has asked me to share some of my favourite skate goodies with you, so here are the top 6 things that make my skate life colourful and comfy!


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