What’s In Your Skate Bag?

March 31, 2023

We all have a dedicated skate bag that we carry around with our precious skates and all kinds of bits and pieces, but have you ever thought about what other skaters keep in theirs (or is that just us)? We got curious so we asked some regular RollerFitters what they keep in their skate bag. Who knows, they might have some helpful hints for you 😉

rollerfit ish 1
rollerfit skatebag ish

ISH (he/him)

I used to do speed skating races as a kid in primary school, and then about 17 years later I decided to go to a RollerFit class in Canberra. I’ve been skating regularly for two years since then and I love it. I’m a regular at the skatepark and at the Rollerfit dance classes. One thing I would say I love is doing everything in Side-Stance!

My favourite skate products and must-haves in my skate bag are:

0222Rollerfit 0140 1
IMG 20230317 125340

FI (she/they)

Fi started their skate journey 4.5 years ago becoming a RollerFit regular with a love for recreational and dance skating. Now a RollerFit Dance Coach in Melbourne (Naarm) and skating with our good friends at Queer Sporting Alliance, Fi is all about the sharing the skate joy with the community.

Fi’s skate bag is filled all kinds of skate goodies:

rollerfit nicky
nicky skatebag rotate

NICKY (she/her)

My skate journey began as an 11-year-old teetering along an uneven pavement of a Sydney suburban street equipped with my adjustable quads – words like vintage (not even retro), antique and collectable are used to describe these skates now. But my only wish was to own a pair of skate boots (my parents refused).

Fast forward to Thursday 5 December, 2019. Sydney had disappeared behind a thick layer of bushfire smoke, and I had turned up to my first RollerFit class in 30+ heat. Stacey warned of the likelihood of a class cancellation pending attendee numbers. My heart sank. Thankfully, poor air quality and extreme heat did not deter a single skater. Before the session had finished, I had become a RollerFit member and the very next day, I got my second pair of skates – a pair of Impala boots.

I haven’t stopped skating since. I’m a budding dance and (very, very amateur) artistic skater and more recently have become a Sydney City Skate enthusiast. I love the immediacy of improving my skate skill set, driven by heart-in-throat fear and the challenge of pushing myself beyond what I think is possible. I love the music, the colours and of course the stellar skate community – I’ve yet to come across another group of people who are so inclusive, supportive and fun (and I have been around a while – long enough to have once owned a pair of adjustable skates!).

I’m lovin’ my new skates, made up of all my favourite skate products:

I’m still lovin’ my older skates:


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