Second Hand Skate Buy Back

June 1, 2021

Do you have skates or gear that you no longer want or need?

Want to turn your second hand stuff into $? Then you might like to participate in our skate buy back. At RollerFit we strongly believe that recycling and upcycling unwanted skate gear is great for skaters, and the environment. Sometimes we can’t all afford to buy the best skate gear brand new, but making second hand gear available is a great way to ensure our fellow skaters have quality products, while doing our bit for the planet. We have talked about the true costs of cheap skates and the benefits of second hand here. So, we are offering Australian skaters the chance to sell us their unwanted skate gear, so we can sell it on through the second hand section of our website. If you have something you want us to consider, please send us an email including the following info: – Some high quality images. – A description of the item including the size, brand, all included parts, and current condition. – The price you would like for this item. If we would like to buy the item, or make you an offer, we will respond ASAP. You will need to cover the cost of shipping the item to us on the Central Coast of NSW, or bring it to your RollerFit class so we can send it on to the buyer. The goal of this program is to leverage off our audience and shop platform to make it easier for people to resell their second hand gear, and buy high quality second hand products. When we sell the product on, we will add the cost of shipping to the buyer, as well as any maintenance costs required to get the products in saleable condition. If you have something that is gathering dust in your cupboard, clean it off and roll it forward to share the joy of skating with someone who needs it!

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