Rollin’ With The Skills – 3 Fun & Fancy Roller Skate Moves

May 8, 2023

We’re back with another instalment of Rollin’ with the Skills, the series where we give you some solid skate tips and a little glimpse at the kind of stuff you can get up to a RollerFit class.  This time we asked some regular RollerFitters from around the country to show us their fave fun and fancy moves.

1. Shoot The Duck

Let’s be honest, we all saw Kristen Wiig’s character skate out onto the derby track in the movie Whip It, looking like a badass and showing off with a shoot the duck. If like us, you pointed to the screen and said, “I want to do that!” then you’re in luck. To shoot the duck you need to keep your feet close and bend your knees, sending them forward over your toes. Lean forwards with your upper body and drop your bottom down all the way to your heels. Once you can roll in a ball position, slightly shift your weight to one side and lift up the opposite leg. You can also do this move similar to a Pistol Squat. Hot tips: you can hold your toe-stop or under your calf to help keep the leg up and speed helps!

2. Sidestance

This one is a true test of hip mobility and flexibility, so take it at your own pace and accept that it might be a work in progress for a while. To achieve sidestance you need to commit to stepping one foot out and back, making your toes face opposite directions. At first, your feet might make more of a V shape which will make you travel in a circle. That’s fine! As you get more comfortable and can position your feet in a straight-ish line, you will push your weight more into the outside edge to hold a straighter course. Hot tips: keep your chest up, bend your knees and stick that skater booty out.

3. Heel-Toe Manual

There are so many kinds of manuals that you can play with but a nice introductory one is the heel-toe version. Start by rolling with your feet close together and then sending one foot out in front on the heel wheels and applying pressure through your heels. Once you feel comfortable, you can start trying to get a little lift on the back foot by balancing your weight on the toe wheels. Think about driving your weight down into the truck axles or wheels of each set of wheels you’re balancing on. Hot tips: a bit of momentum helps and try and make more of a straight line with your feet to help with balance.

If you like what you’ve seen here and want more detailed instructions along with other roller skating and hardware knowledge why not try out one of our digital Learn to Skate Programs. We’ve got Absolute Beginners covered and another Beginner Plus program to help you continue progressing. The online programs contain a detailed pdf booklet and accompanying instructional videos from some of RollerFit’s most loved coaches.

We’d also love to see in you a RollerFit class! We cover these basic skills and so much more. You can check out our venue locations across Australia over here.

Good luck on your roller skating journey and we hope to see you rolling out and about soon!


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