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Frequently Asked

All kids classes at our Erina Studio cater to all levels of skating experience. We welcome those who have never skated before.

Roller dance classes are for skaters with previous skating skill and knowledge. Check out our classes explained page for information on class levels. If you have never skated before try our RollerFit Development classes at Niagara Park.

We provide wrist guards or palm sliders at all our venues, free of charge. We do not provide knee pads, elbow pads or helmets. If you want to wear these, please bring your own or you can purchase online here.

If you need to cancel please email stacey@rollerfit.com.au to discuss. All cancellation notifications must be done 48 hours or more before class time. Pre-book and pre-pay only for all Erina classes. 

We offer a non compulsory RollerFit membership with a variety of benefits. For a one-off fee you receive a membership pack, access to $20 drop-in classes, 10% off our online and in-store skate products, and access to RollerFit class passes that make each class even more affordable.

You will also be signed up to our mailing list, so you can easily keep up to date with new skate products and special events. If you do not want to become a member you can continue to pay the non-membership drop in prices.

Check your venue / city page for more details on pricing and how to become a member.

Skate hire is available for kids classes at Erina for a $5 fee. You can add on skate hire when booking into a class. 

Roller dance classes are B.Y.O skates only.

When you’re ready to purchase your own, we sell all types of skates, across all disciplines. From beginner to advanced, recreational to professional. All of our coaches are well educated on the kinds of skates available and what is best for each style of skating, so you might want to chat with us at your next class. We love talking about skate gear, so don’t be shy.

Alternatively, you can contact shop@rollerfit.com.au for some advice.

To browse the options available, visit our shop. All RollerFit members receive a 10% discount on some of our stock.

learn to skate at Rollerfit

Class Testimonials

I started going to RollerFit since the very beginning. I hadn’t been on roller skates before not even in my childhood and I found it really challenging to even stand. Everyone was really supportive and really helped me gain the confidence to keep learning and finally be able to skate properly. Stacey and the other coaches also helped me get my confidence to play roller derby.


RollerFit is the most fun, addictive, and pressure-free fitness class I've experienced. Learning from a passionate skater like Stacey drives me to want to learn new things, and compliments my roller derby training.

Alexandra Robinson

I love RollerFit! I started to advance my footwork and agility skills on skates and I've already seen results! It's an amazing way to get fit and have fun.


2.5 years down the track and I'm still loving RollerFit. I'm fitter than I have been in years, have met so many great people, and always enjoy learning new tips & tricks from the RollerFit instructors.

Sofi Sey

RollerFit has changed my life completely. I didn’t just find a place where I could learn how to skate properly and actually do it every week I have also found amazing people I can share this experience with. The best place to go to keep fit, learn new skills, have fun and socialise.

Stefi Schelzig


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