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RollerFit Live Tech Tips

June 1, 2021

RollerFit Live Tech Tips

Quarantine has been a strange time so far, but the best thing that has come out of it is definitely the way we have pivoted our business to start doing online classes. Our delivery is still not perfect, but we are so glad that our coaches have been able to teach a variety of classes for all skill levels, and that we’ve been able to expand our community across the globe.

Finding ways to bring our classes into an online space has been a learning process – for us and you – and we know that navigating the technology involved isn’t always easy. So, we have put together some handy tech tips so that you can get the most out of our live classes.

How to participate in a class while it’s live:

Our live classes are taking place on Instagram, via Instagram Live. Our class schedule is here, and all classes are in Sydney time. All you need to do to participate is go to the RollerFit Instagram page at the class start time, or, if you are on another Instagram page, a notification will appear in your story feed showing RollerFit with a dark pink circle, and the text live. Click on our story, and you will enter the live class.

How to participate in a class once it’s over:

This has recently changed. Once the class is finished, it used to be saved in our stories for 24 hours. However, now once the class is over it is stored in Instagram TV for 48 hours. You can find the stored Instagram TV videos here.


Sometimes there is a slight lag, and it can take a little while for the saved video to appear once the class is over. If this happens, just check back a little later.

Each week, we will select one class to leave on Instagram TV longer term so there is always something you can come back and practice. We are working on making many of our live classes available through our website in the future.

How to do the class through a computer rather than a phone:

You can do a class through a computer for the advantage of a bigger screen, but this does require a plugin for your web browser.

First, you will need to make sure you are using Google Chrome as your browser. Then you will need to download the IG stories plugin. Once you have both, you can go to the RollerFit Instagram page in Google Chrome by following this link. Make sure you have installed the plugin, and when you click on the story icon, once the class is live, you will be able to watch it on your computer. If you have a Chrome Cast or Apple TV, you can also cast it to your TV by following the instructions for those devices.


We know that technology can be frustrating at times, and sometimes these apps and plug-ins have issues and disruptions. To make things as easy as possible, we are always working to improve our delivery. We receive an influx of messages when something goes wrong, so we apologise if we can’t reply to you individually. Trust us, we are scrambling to get things fixed as fast as possible.

If you do take part in a class, remember we are running by donation to keep us (and you) rolling. Or, you can support us by buying something from our online store. We thank you for your support and patience so far!

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