Roller Skating lessons

RollerFit Junior

For children up to the age of 14!

RollerFit Junior is a modified version of our program designed for children
between the ages of 3 – 14 years. We teach your kids to skate through fun games,
activities and skating drills tailored to the skill level of each individual child. RollerFit Junior is a great way to get your kids up and active!

2023 Class Timetable


2:30pm – 3:30pm Weekly Kids Learn to Skate Class 


3:00pm – 4:00pm Weekly Kids All Levels


2:00pm -3:00pm Kids 4-9 Years All Levels

3:00pm – 4:00pm Kids 7-16 Years All Levels


6:00pm – 7:00pm Weekly Kids All Levels (class is capped at 25 kids)

Class Pricing

Non Member

Drop-in class: $25 (with your own skates)
Skate hire: $5 per class

Member Prices

Single class: $22 (with your own skates)
Skate hire: $5 per class

Membership gives you access to Class Passes, which can be purchased in advance and make each class even more affordable. As a member you still need to sign up to a class each week via bookwhen, but you get first access to classes 8 hours before the general public.

5 class pass
$100 (works out to $20 per class, use within 2 months)

10 class pass
$185 (works out to $18.50 per class, use within 4 months)

20 class pass
$330 (works out to $16.50 per class, use within 6 months)

Join our Membership Program!

For a one-off fee of $45, you get:

  • A welcome pack, which includes our current RollerFit gift and a $10 voucher for our store.
  • Access to our members-only Facebook group, making it easy to keep up to date with new events and products
  • First sign-ups to weekly classes.
  • Access to class 5,10,20 passes and more affordable drop-in classes.
  • 10% discount for the RollerFit shop on selected products

If you don’t want to become a member, that’s OK! You can continue to pay the drop-in causal prices and keep rolling with us as much as you please.

Class Locations

ALEXANDRIA, Perry Park Recreation Centre

CENTRAL COAST, Niagara Park Stadium and RollerFit Studio and Skate Shop

CANBERRA, ANU Indoor Sports Centre


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations can be made via bookwhen using your confirmation email or log in. Refunds for cancellations only apply when cancellation is processed 24 hours or more before the class. No refunds on cancellations made less than 24 hours before a scheduled class. Pre-book and pre-pay only for all RollerFit classes. Transfers to another class can only be made if the class is currently live for booking. 

RollerFit appreciates the ongoing nature of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our Covid policy reflects any current and relevant government public health guidelines. Check this post for more information.  


Around a decade ago RollerFit started as a group of women who wanted to get fit rolling around on basketball courts. Now, due to the appeal of our classes, we have locations all across the East coast of Australia. Meet the Coaches of RollerFit Junior

Stacey rollerfit
As our Director of Fun on Wheels it’s only natural that Stacey fell in love with skating at the age of 4 doing the Chicken Dance at a Mums and Bubs skating class. Stacey went on to compete as an artistic skater throughout her childhood and into her early 20s. Moving on from competitions, Stacey has kept her passion for skating alive by sharing it with others through RollerFit, her performance business Roller Promotions and joining the Moxi Roller Skates International Skate Team. Stacey’s favourite set-up are Moxi Jack Boots with a short mounted Roll-Line Dance plate, Roll-Line Giotto 57mm wheels, Bones Reds bearings, RollerFit Lace Locks and RollerFit Toe Plugs.
She’s a pocket rocket with some groove and isn’t afraid to take a slam. Sophie started her roller skating journey with RollerFit back in 2017 and she’s been hooked ever since, going on to explore the worlds of park skating and roller dance. Sophie is part of the Chuffed Skates Crew and works at RollerFit HQ. She loves the challenge of breaking down skills to suit different learning needs and lives for the stoke and sense of community. As part of the Chuffed Crew, Sophie has her own skate, the Chuffed Skates Wild Thing, which she has set up with Brunny Hardcore PO Blocks, ChuffedCore trucks and 54mm Powell Peralta Park Ripper wheels for the skatepark.
120A95401 scaled
Matt is one half of the Aussie roller skating dynamic duo, Two Wheelers. A creative force and dead set legend on and off skates, Matt is one of RollerFit’s most loved coaches and co-manages Ngunnawal/Canberra RollerFit. Matt skated as a kid and rekindled that love through RollerFit 10 years ago. He’s also gone on to explore artistic skating and roller dance, adding some seriously slick skills to his repetoire. Matt loves to build the confidence of those skating around him, and his ability to break down skating skills for us mere skate mortals is a big part of that. Matt skates on Edea Fly Boots with a Roll-Line Mistral plate and Radar Energy wheels.
rollerfit coach amelia scaled
Amelia makes up the other half of Aussie roller skating gems, Two Wheelers. It was fate when an 80s themed roller disco run by Roller Promotions brought Amelia back into the world of skating over 10 years ago. Starting as a RollerFit coach in Warrang/Sydney in 2015 and going on to explore artistic skating and roller dance, Amelia (or should we say Dr. Wheeler) now co-manages RollerFit in Ngunnawal/Canberra. She exudes style, is the kindest soul on 8 wheels and loves the variety that a RollerFit class offers. Amelia’s current fav skates are her Edea Fly boots mounted with Roll-Line Mistral plates and Radar Energy wheels.
Zeb is an all round fabulous human and skater. She has everything covered from grooving with some roller dance moves, nailing flat ground tricks to absolutely shredding it at the skatepark. Zeb got her first taste of RollerFit through some dance classes, but when RollerFit classes began in Ngunnawal/Canberra she was hooked. It didn’t take long for us to notice her natural talent and skating style, making Zeb an obvious choice for joining the coaching team in 2021. Zeb is all about the vibes that come to a class when people smash their goals. For RollerFit classes, Zeb wears Moxi Lolly boots with a Pilot Falcon plate and Radar Energy wheels.
Kimmy is sunshine and lollipops, but wrapped up in that sweetness there is a penchant for a good workout. A primary school teacher and skilled roller skater, Kimmy has been a Brissy RollerFitter for a while. Adored by kids and as equally loved by the big kids at RollerFit, Kimmy is here for skaters surprising themselves when they nail that trick they swore they’d never be able to do. Kimmy is keeping things fresh with a new set up of Moxi Lolly’s with a Roll-Line Dance plate and her all-time fav Moxi Fundae wheels.


Frequently Asked

At RollerFit we get questions from skaters of all levels, all the time. To make life easier for you (and us), we’ve put together our most frequently asked questions below and there’s even more listed here.

If you have a question please take a look here first so our team can spend their time making more awesome stuff happen on wheels.

They sure can! The vast majority of our kids classes cater to all levels of skating experience. We welcome those who have never skated before, all the way through to advanced skaters. Check out our classes explained page for information on class levels. We even have some beginner classes which are all about teaching the absolute basics. Check out our schedule. We can’t wait to start your little roller off on their roller skating journey!

We provide wrist guards or palm sliders at all our venues, free of charge. We do not provide knee pads, elbow pads or helmets. If you want your child to wear these, please bring your own or you can purchase online here.

Cancellations can be made via bookwhen using your confirmation email or log in. Refunds for cancellations only apply when cancellation is processed 24 hours or more before the class. No refunds on cancellations made less than 24 hours before a scheduled class. Pre-book and pre-pay only for all RollerFit classes. A transfer to another class can only be made if the class can only be made if the class is live for booking.

All RollerFit venues offer skate hire for a $5 fee. You can add on skate hire when booking into a class. 

When you’re ready to purchase your own, we sell all types of skates, across all disciplines. From beginner to advanced, recreational to professional. All of our coaches are well educated on the kinds of skates available and what is best for each style of skating, so you might want to chat with us at your next class. We love talking about skate gear, so don’t be shy.

Alternatively, you can contact for some advice.

To browse the options available, visit our shop. All RollerFit members receive a 10% discount on some of our stock.

We sure do! Roller skating parties are super fun and unique. We host kids parties at the RollerMart studio in Sydney. Email with any party inquiries.

Class Testimonials

I started going to RollerFit since the very beginning. I hadn’t been on roller skates before not even in my childhood and I found it really challenging to even stand. Everyone was really supportive and really helped me gain the confidence to keep learning and finally be able to skate properly. Stacey and the other coaches also helped me get my confidence to play roller derby.


RollerFit is the most fun, addictive, and pressure-free fitness class I've experienced. Learning from a passionate skater like Stacey drives me to want to learn new things, and compliments my roller derby training.

Alexandra Robinson

I love RollerFit! I started to advance my footwork and agility skills on skates and I've already seen results! It's an amazing way to get fit and have fun.


2.5 years down the track and I'm still loving RollerFit. I'm fitter than I have been in years, have met so many great people, and always enjoy learning new tips & tricks from the RollerFit instructors.

Sofi Sey

RollerFit has changed my life completely. I didn’t just find a place where I could learn how to skate properly and actually do it every week I have also found amazing people I can share this experience with. The best place to go to keep fit, learn new skills, have fun and socialise.

Stefi Schelzig


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