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Learn To Skate – Absolute Beginner Program


Have you recently bought a pair of rollerskates? Or have you been wanting to get rolling but don’t know where to start?

RollerFit have got you covered with this 4-part absolute beginner learn to skate program. We know even standing up on skates for the first time can be scary, and without someone to guide you through the fundamental skills in person, we believe these instructional videos and comprehensive guidebook are the next best thing.

What you get?

For just $59, or $29.50 with any purchase from our store over $150, you will receive four videos that break down the fundamentals of roller skating, as well as a 39 page PDF guide. Our goal is to give you detailed information that will get rolling confidently and safely.

Video 1: Getting to know your roller skates

In this video with Sam and Stacey you will learn about:

  • Different types of roller skates
  • The parts of your roller skates
  • Customising your roller skates
  • Your safety gear
  • Everything you need to know before you start skating

Video 2: Standing and falling safely

In this video with Amy you will learn about:

  • Safe places to learn to roller skate
  • How to stand up on your roller skates from a chair, or the floor.
  • How to position your body
  • How to stand still
  • How to fall safety on roller skates with and without knee pads

Video 3: Moving forward on roller skates

In this video with Matt and Amelia you will learn about:

  • Weight shifting and distribution
  • Balancing on one foot
  • Edges and how they help your roller skating
  • Moving forward with marching, bubbles, stroking and gliding

Video 4: Beginner stops

In this video with Nicola you will learn about:

  • Preparing to stop
  • T stops
  • Plough stops

Why this program?

There are many videos out there that teach beginner skills, but over a decade of coaching beginners we know that detailed explanations are key for new skaters to grasp new skills. We don’t just tell you how to do the move, but we break down the steps of how to get there. We follow a tested progression plan that will have you rolling safely and confidently.

We recommend pausing the videos as you work on each skill, and re-watching them as many times as you need. You should feel comfortable with the skills before progressing to the next video. This helps to prevent injury and will make your skating far more enjoyable.

Once you download the program, all you need to do is lace up your skates, put your protective gear on  and be prepared for coaching from some of our most popular RollerFit coaches right in your own home.

Ready to roll?

Get the 4-part program now for just $59, or $29.50 with any purchase over $150.

We can’t wait to see where your 8 wheels take you.

This program was created on Darkinjung, Gadigal, Ngunnawal, and Yuggera country. RollerFit acknowledges the traditional custodians of these lands, and that sovereignty was never ceded. We also acknowledge the traditional custodians of all the lands where our participants skate, and pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging.

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