Practice Makes Progress – Where to Roller Skate Outside of Classes

August 16, 2023

Practice is super important when it comes to roller skating. It helps you feel more confident on 8 wheels and builds your skill set. Whilst we’d love to offer you classes and a space to skate whenever you’d like in all of our locations, we can’t be everywhere and securing times at indoor venues can be hard. To help you get your practice time in between RollerFit classes we’ve put together a list of spaces and places we recommend you check out and have a roll on.

  • Brisbane Riverwalk – This iconic path takes you from New Farm, to Howard St Wharves and on to the CBD.
  • Maritime Green, Northshore – Super fun spot, just check out for special events happening in the area.
  • Wynnum Foreshore – If a skate by the beach takes your fancy, check out this foreshore trail.
  • Wembley Park – The netball courts at Cooparoo are so smooth and there’s loads of space. Best outside of netball season and playing times.
  • Downey Park – Another perfect netball court for skating. Best outside of netball season and playing times.
  • Lemongrove Netball Courts – So much space and a nice, relatively new surface. Best to go during netball’s off-season.
  • Narara Skate Park – Fun, smooth and relatively new skate park. There’s also a small quarter court adjoining if park skating is not your thing.
  • Bato Yard – This skate park has one of the biggest bowls in the southern hemisphere and a great street section. There’s also a small quarter court adjoining it or some old (rough) courts behind the PCYC building.
  • Adcock Park – Lots and lots of space to skate. Best to go during netball’s off-season for using the courts but the precinct can also be busy with football and the velodrome.
  • Kincumber to Davistown Foreshore Walk – Perfect if you’re looking for a nice cruise. Smooth trail with good views.
  • Centennial Park – the 3.5km loop around the parklands is great for experienced outdoor skaters with a few hills and other pedestrians. Just remember to skate in the bike lane and you can finish up at the nearby Moore Park netball courts for a final roll.
  • Rockdale Women Sportsfield – Huge netball courts, best to use in the netball off-season or on Sundays.
  • Skate Sydney City Skate – Starts at the ICC and runs weekly Mondays and Thursdays.
  • The Bay Run – Another great trail for more experienced skaters, but not as difficult or busy as Centennial Park. You can even pop into Richard Murden Reserve for a skate on the netball courts.
  • Meadowbank Netball Courts – Loads of space to skate on a nice flat surface. Best during the netball off-season.
  • Carlingford Skate Park – Super fun and smooth new skate park. Big bonus for an equally smooth and fresh court space on the high side of the hill.
  • Oran Skate Park – Great skate park with loads of obstacles to choose from no matter if you’re a bowl or street kind of person. There’s also a nice basketball court right next to it for some flat ground fun.
  • National Portrait Gallery – The perfect smooth surface for skating. Just be mindful of pedestrians and respect the space.
  • Lake Burley Griffin – The gallery side is great for a trail skate and you can skate on up to the gallery for a skate stop.
  • Belconnen Skate Park – This place is iconic, well specifically the Spider Bowl, but if you’re looking to get on the wild side it’s loads of fun.
  • Princes Pier – Lots of space and a regular skate hang out for the Melbourne skating community (all wheels inclusive).
  • Melbourne Museum – Another iconic skate spot for roller skaters, bladers and skateboarders alike. Join in on the fun here.
  • St Kilda Foreshore – One for the trail skaters. It can get a little rough in spots so best for more experienced skaters and make sure to wear outdoor wheels.
  • Caribbean Rollerama – Melbourne weather is unpredictable so you always need an indoor back. Soak up some rink time you lucky ducks.
  • Prahran Skate Park – Crusty old park but a fun spot and a basketball court is adjoined.
  • Noble Park Skate Park – Skaters meet up here on Thursday nights. Nice skate park with lights and a great adjoining basketball court.
  • Morley Rollerdrome – You lucky ducks have a roller rink! There aren’t too many left in Australia so make sure you take full advantage of it.
  • Optus Stadium – Extra fun on Monday nights with the Perth Outdoor Rollerblading crew.
  • Scarborough Beach – There are some super sweet spots to roll around on near the beachfront. Not to mention a super big bowl for the thrill seekers.
  • Esplanade Youth Plaza – Super sick skatepark where you can skate a buoy and there are loads of other fun amenities around the area.

Of course, nothing beats the feeling of skating on a smooth wooden indoor surface when learning, but the best way to help your confidence and get the most out of your RollerFit classes is to practice. Need some more help outside of class time, or can’t make it to a class, then we can help you get started on your skating journey with our online learn to skate programs. Never roller skated outside before, or want some handy hints? Check out our outdoor skating blog for everything you need to know. If you’ve got a sweet spot where you practice outside of class and want to let the RollerFit community in on the action then let us know! Sharing is caring.


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