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Plates, Wheels & Bearings – What we LOVE & recommend

Plates, Wheels & Bearings – What we LOVE & recommend

April 30, 2018

Perfecting Your Skate Setup: Plates, Wheels and Bearings
When it comes to skate hardware like plates, wheels and bearings, our years of
experience with roller skating means we have had time to get to know a lot about the
different options available. You might have heard us get a little excited about it all on
our recent podcast RollerCast by RollerFit.

While you might not know your 45-degree plates from your 10-degree plates; your
100d wheels from your 60a wheels; or your Abec-5 bearings from your Abec-11
bearings; we are here to help you out! Regardless of your skill level or skating style,
it is important to do your research when it comes to your skate setup so that you can
get the most out of every minute on your skates.
It is very common for those who don’t know much about skates to select the wrong
setup for their needs, which leads to frustration at not progressing as quickly as
desired, and sometimes even quitting skating altogether! We want to make sure you
stay on skates as long as possible, and love every minute of your roll.
To help you do your research, we have put together our recommendations of the
roller skate plates, roller skate wheels and roller skate bearings that we think stand
out in the market.

The most critical part of your skate setup is your plate. Your body speaks to your
plate to create movement, so choosing the right plate is going to make a big
difference in how you skate.
Choosing your brand and model is not the only thing to consider though; you can
also adjust your cushions and pivot cups to change the way your skates feel. Softer
cushions allow for more movement, while hard cushions allow for more stability.
Pivot cups and cushions should be changed from time to time when they are worn to
reduce the risk of damaging your plate hardware.
Once you have your plates have fun experimenting a little bit with your setup to find
the perfect feel for you.

Roll-Line offers premium roller skating plates made in Italy, with high quality
craftsmanship and materials. All Roll-Line plates are highly responsive and have
traditionally been used by Dance, Artistic and Jam skaters for their advanced
manoeuvrability but have recently grown in popularity with roller derby, street and
speed skaters due to their ability to enhance every type of performance. We love and
skate on Roll-Line plates and can happily recommend them.
One thing to remember is that Roll-Line plates require a 7mm bearing (rather than
the standard 8mm bearings), so when configuring your new setup you will need to
upgrade your bearings if you are currently using 8mm.
In the Roll-Line range we recommend:

Variant M
Perfect for beginner competitive skaters, with highly articulated
performance, made from lightweight but heavy duty Aircraft Aluminium Alloy. The
Variant M has sensitive control, provides optimal stability and fast response times.
Mariner Cup 
Great mid-level plate providing great performance and lightweight
structure, with a solid bar Avional Aluminium Alloy construction, making it one of the
strongest and lightest aluminium plates on the market.
The Mistral is the cream of the crop of the Roll-Line range for its affordable price, perfect for
advanced skaters, or those wanting one of the best that a plate can offer under $600. As well as the
lightweight construction and durability of the Marina Cup it has a coiled spring
response system for enhanced performance.


Reactor Pro Plate
The Reactor Pro Plate is an extremely popular choice amongst
roller derby and recreational skaters due to its ability to offer maximum stability
without compromising too heavily on agility. It is a completely different feel to the
Roll-Line options so it might be a good idea to try a few things before committing to a
plate to see what you prefer.

Powerdyne Neo Reactor Plates –
The Neo Reactor is the latest addition to the
Powerdyne range and offers a lighter weight and more durable alternative to the
standard Reactor plate.
Powerdyne Arius Platinum 
The Arius is a premium roller skating plate for all types
of skating that offers lightweight, heavy duty construction and adjustable kingpins
and butterfly cushions, allowing for a completely customisable and responsive setup.


Suregrip Avanti Magnesium Complete Plate – The Avanti Magnesium Plate comes in
both an alloy and aluminium version. The alloy version is about 50% lighter than the
aluminium version, but both offer an adjustable pivot truck for a customisable ride.

The amount of wheels on the market can be extremely overwhelming: there are so
many hardnesses, thicknesses and material types to choose from.
The hardness of roller skating wheels is most often measured by their Shore “A” or
Shore “D” hardness number. Harder wheels have a higher Shore “A” or “D” number
allowing for more slide and agility, while softer wheels with a lower Shore “A” or “D”
number allow for more stability and control.

You don’t really need to know the ins and outs of what the different durometer ratings
are but if you are interested, you can read more about it here.
As a simple guide, you
can covert between a Shore “A” hardness and a Shore “D” hardness using this chart.
When it comes to the profile of the wheel, a slim wheel is good for agility as the
edges are more apparent, and are often used for the dance and artistic disciplines,
while a wider wheel is good for stability and is often used for roller derby.

Outdoor skating such as street skating will often use a soft wheel to absorb the
bumps of footpaths and roads, while a harder wheel is good for skate parks.

Roll-Line have a great variety of indoor wheels available. Some of our
favourites include; the Fox, which is a 57mm 92a durometer wheel providing a low
profile, and medium gripiness for a good balance between stability and agility. The
Ghiotto Free Skate that comes in a 57mm and a variety of hardnesses perfect for RollerFit, dance and artistic skating we usually recommend the blue ones 47D aka 95A for our wooden floors.

The Logo wheels come in a variety of hardnesses, sizes and colours and are
a great entry level price point without sacrificing on performance, and are perfect for indoor
recreational skating.

Similarly the Elite wheels come in a variety of hardnesses, sizes and colours
but are made from a more heavy duty and durable compound and are more suitable to dance and

We love everything that Moxi does, and their wheels are no exception. Made by
skaters, for skaters, the Moxi wheels are a great all round option for when you want
to roll from the rink to the ramp, to your next Roller Fit class without changing your

If you want something a little bit wider for more stability, you might like to consider
the Radar range, or the Bones Turbo.


Outdoor wheels are a softer compound and don’t vary as much in their uses and
styles as indoor wheels, unless you are looking at ramp skating wheels. For rolling
on the path or the road, we recommend a large, soft, wheel, especially if you are
starting out, as this will allow for a smoother more enjoyable ride.

Energy – The Energy wheels come in two sizes: 65mm x 35mm and 62mm x 32mm.
They are a 78a hardness, one of the lighter outdoor wheels on the marekt and come in a great range of neon & pastel colours, perfect for rolling down the local boardwalk.

Miami and Venice – The Bones Miami and Venice wheels were inspired by the
beachside skaters of Miami and California, and capture the fun, vibrant essence of
these two locations. The dual concave shape enhances grip for a safer, smoother

Gummy – The Moxi Gummy wheels are a super soft wheel that come in a variety of
mix and matchable pastel colours to go perfectly with your Moxi boots.

Skate Park

Chicks in Bowls x Reckless
The CIB x Reckless wheels were designed specifically for roller skating, and are the
in skate parks, on ramps, and tackling street obstacles. Extremely durable to resist
flat spots, and formulated with years of skating experience in mind, these can’t be
rivalled for their purpose.

We love everything that Moxi does, and their wheels are no exception. Made by
skaters, for skaters, the Moxi wheels are a great all round option for when you want
to roll from the rink to the ramp, to your next Roller Fit class without changing your

Bearings can seem much more complicated than they are when you are starting out
in roller skating, but choosing the right bearings can make a massive difference in
how you perform on your skates. As mentioned in our section on plates, Roll-Line
skates take 7mm bearings, whereas most other plates take 8mm bearings. It is very
important that you check this before buying bearings.
The ABEC rating of your bearings is a measurement of the accuracy and tolerance of
the bearing. In simple terms, these factors measure the RPM at which your bearings
will spin. While other factors can come into play, generally speaking, the higher
ABEC rating, the better your bearings will perform. However, some brands market
high ABEC ratings but don’t take into account things like load handling abilities,
materials and vibrations. When it comes to bearings, you will most likely get the best
performance from known and trusted brands.
You can read all you might like to know about ABEC ratings here.
Some of our favourite bearings are:


Bones Reds
Bones Reds bearings are legendary in the roller skating and
skateboarding world. They have a good price point, are long lasting and come in
7mm and 8mm sizes. Bones use their own ‘skate rated’ measurement that performs
equally as well, if not better than, many ABEC rated bearings.

Bones Swiss
Bones Swiss are a premium bearing offering optimal performance
and are the preferred choice of most competitor skaters, or those who want the most
out of their bearings. They also come in 7mm and 8mm sizes. Bones use their own
‘skate rated’ measurement that performs equally as well, if not better than, many
ABEC rated bearings.

Zenith Bearings S/16
Kwik bearings are pre-spun with a lightweight and durable
Delrin retainer, which makes them a sturdy and reliable option. They come in 8mm
size only, and roll comparatively to an ABEC 9.

Roll-Line offer premium bearings made in Italy that all come in 7mm size to suit their
plates, and range from an ABEC 1 to ABEC 9 rating.

Now that you have all the information you need to get yourself set up with the right
roller skate plates, wheels and bearings, we hope to see you rolling at one of our
classes or in the street soon! If you have any questions about any of these products,
or just want to discuss the options a little more, see one of our friendly staff at your
next RollerFit class!

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