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Our Return To Classes

June 1, 2021

Our Return To Classes

As Covid-19 restrictions are slowly being lifted across the country, we are very excited to say that the return of our classes shouldn’t be too far away in most locations. We know that you are excited too, as we have been getting messages from our members and new skaters everyday. We apologise if we haven’t been able to get back to you individually, as we have been very busy preparing for what this return will look like in each location.

The first important thing to note is that each venue that we operate at is being subjected to different rules and regulations based on their State and council area, and are each formulating their own plans for how to return to normal operations. That means there is no one-size-fits-all model for reopening RollerFit classes. We are at the mercy of the venues, and while we are trying to get every class back as soon as we can, each location will be opening on different dates with different structures (for our first venue to reopen see below).

What we can tell you for now is that class numbers will be capped, and members will have the first option to sign on to classes. We will be sharing information about classes via our social media, so if you are a member but aren’t in our members only Facebook group please email us at stacey@rollerfit.com.au stating you are a member and would like to be added. You will need to sign on to classes prior to attending and pay in advance. For now, use of class passes will not recommence as we need a minimum number of paying participants to attend each class to cover costs such as venue hire, insurance etc. Once class caps are lifted, the use of class passes will recommence, as will the option for non-member skaters to attend. No skate or gear hire will be available until further notice.

We are excited to announce that our first venue to reopen will be our Darkinjung/Central Coast location from next Monday 14th of June. Check out our Instagram and Facebook for details of how you can attend. 

Each participant that comes to classes will need to adhere to the following Covid-19 safe regulations:

– Wash or sanitise hands on arrival at the venue.

– Maintain social distancing and not touch any other participant.

– Make cashless payment prior to coming to class.

– Arrive at the venue on time and leave after class (no staying longer than necessary in the venue.)

– Bring own gear and make sure it is washed before coming and after the class.

– Stay home if unwell and notify RollerFit if you become unwell within 2 weeks of attending the class.

– If symptoms appear, get tested for Covid and notify RollerFit of test results.


We thank everyone who has supported us throughout these strange and uncertain times. We are so committed to getting back to what we love most – sharing the joy of skating in our face to face classes. If you can’t come back to class yet, you can continue to participate in our Instagram Live and Zoom classes, and we hope to see you very soon. More announcements will be coming in the next couple of weeks.

Much skate love,

The RollerFit team.

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