Our Favourite Vegan Skates!

December 13, 2021

Don’t fret my cruelty-free friends! We’re here to help match you with your dream vegan roller skates! With a heap of new material technologies being developed, vegan roller skate options are becoming more accessible, and durability is increasing to help your skates hold up to the test of the wheely boot life. Whether you’re in the vegan game for animal rights and liberation or doing your bit for the environment, there’s a skate to suit your style and approach to veganism.

We have you covered with all the info for the vegan skates we love for different types of roller skating. This list is not exhaustive and only covers our recommendations for vegan options available down under.

Before we get into it here’s a couple of our hot tips or things to keep in mind for vegan roller skates!

For all vegan roller skates we recommend investing in a set of toe guards, especially if you’re a beginner, into outdoor skating or thinking of shredding on your new vegan wheels at the skatepark. All skaters, no matter their level of experience, fall foul to the dreaded toe drag. This can cause damage to all skates, but vegan skates in particular due to their material construction. There are some great vegan toe guard options out there including BRNG toe caps, some patterned Rollerstuff styles, and plain black Clarino guards by Riedell. You can also check out a load of toe guard options on Etsy made by roller skating creatives.

If you’re an environmentally focused vegan make sure to consider the material construction of your roller skates. Many vegan options are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) which is a plastic that does not degrade easily. If you fall in love with any of the PVC-based roller skates we recommend below (and we don’t blame you), think how you can re-gift, recycle or repurpose these skates once you’ve loved them to death or are looking to upgrade.

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Chuffed Skates Vegan Wanderer

Fresh off the line at Chuffed Skates is the all-new Vegan Wanderer! These black beauties are made entirely from animal-free products. The boot is made from microfibre, giving these roller skates the look and feel of suede. The Vegan Wanderers feature a padded lining, aluminium alloy eyelets and plate, adjustable toe stop, 58mm hybrid wheels and ABEC 7 bearings. This makes the Wanderers a great complete skate setup for beginner to intermediate skaters looking to get their jam on, hit the skatepark or roll down the boardwalk. If you’re more particular about your roller skate setup or looking to upgrade, Chuffed has also created a boot only option so you can create the cruelty-free skates of your dreams (RRP 329.00). If you need another reason to get your hands on a set of Vegan Wanderers, a portion of sales from each set goes to Chuffed’s Roll Out Program which helps to spread the joy of skating through development programs with not-for-profit organisations around Oz.
RRP: 449.00 AUD

Moxi Roller Skates

In true Moxi fashion, Moxi Roller Skates vegan options bring colour and funky fashion vibes. These vegan Moxi’s are all great beginner to intermediate level roller skates.

The Moxi Jungle is the go-to animal print roller skate. The pink padded and curved collar provides some comfort for a stiff boot, whilst the glitter outdoor wheels will get you rolling on any surface. The Jungle roller skates also feature an adjustable toe stop and an aluminium plate. Keep in mind that these skates are PVC so if you scratch or scuff these edgy babes the leopard print is compromised.
RRP: 359.00 AUD

Beach Bunny
If colour is your thing Moxi also have you covered with the Beach Bunny range. Coming in Watermelon, Peach, Periwinkle, Lemonade or Blue Sky these vinyl skates are a great option for all types of skating. Like the Jungle, the Beach Bunny range has a curved collar, ankle padding, glitter outdoor wheels, aluminium plate and adjustable toe stops. Moxi has given the Beach Bunny range an added bonus with matching vinyl toe caps to help protect your skates.
RRP: 359.00 AUD


If you love the look of a fresh white artistic style roller skate, check out the Fame series from Suregrip. The Fame is a perfect beginner skate and at Rollerfit we use them for our rentals, with some sets still going strong after 7 years of love! Featuring a vinyl boot, comfortable microfiber padded lining, adjustable toe stops, and a low boot profile, these roller skates are a great vegan option. Suregrip has also recently released the Fame boot in fun new colours like Pink Passion, Golden Hour and Blue Dream Aqua if you’re looking to inject some colour into your life.
RRP: 399.00 AUD


For an affordable vegan option we recommend the Chaya Melrose range. These roller skates are a good beginner option with a retro feel. Melrose roller skates feature a vinyl boot, fibreglass plate, outdoor wheels, and a bolt-on toe stop (not ideal, but that’s what you get in the cheaper price range).
RRP: 249.00


If you’re a vegan who’s looking to dip your toes into the world of roller derby, the Riedell R3 is a great beginner low cut, derby style boot. The R3 roller skates come with a vinyl boot which is comfortable and durable, adjustable toe stops so you can find your favourite length, a nylon plate and different wheel options for outdoor or indoor skating.
RRP: 339.00 – 399.00 AUD

All of us here at Rollerfit are roller skaters, and we are all about spreading the love of roller skating! We have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right vegan roller skates for different skate and personal styles. Whatever skates you choose, we hope to see you rolling at one of our Rollerfit classes or out and about soon!


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