Moxi Roller Skates 101: Skates for All!

January 18, 2022

Moxi roller skates are a leader in the roller skating market and are designed by roller skaters for roller skaters. Moxi skates are made or designed in the USA and are the brainchild of the vibrant skating veteran Estro Jen. The folks at Moxi are all about creating high quality roller skates and gear that helps to nurture and grow a love of skating. They’re even striving “to make roller skates the shoes of the future” and we can get on board with this!

We love Moxi roller skates for their durability, comfort and colourful look! We also love that Moxi has skaters of all levels covered across their range. But with so many choices it can be hard to pick a new set of skates to suit your skill level and style. So, let’s break down each Moxi model to help get you rolling on the right wheels.


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Rainbow Rider

Starting at the entry level we have the Rainbow Rider. These colourful characters were made with beginner skaters in mind. It is an excellent skate to learn in with an adjustable toe stop and aluminium alloy plate (but Moxi have advised that it isn’t suitable for skateparks). This skate has a much wider toe box than other Moxi offerings which is great for those with wide feet. This is one of the funkiest and most colourful options available and comes in a base colour of black, pink, or yellow with the rainbow design. The vinyl construction means they are also vegan friendly! For sizing we recommend to go down 1-2 sizes from your normal shoe size.

RRP: $279 AUD


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The Moxi Jungle is the go-to animal print roller skate and is a great vegan option. The pink padded and curved collar provides comfort for the stiff boot, whilst the glitter outdoor wheels will get you rolling on any surface. The Jungle roller skates also feature an adjustable toe stop and an intermediate level aluminium plate that will accommodate you as you get more confident on your 8 wheels. Sizing wise we recommend you go for 1 size smaller than your regular shoe size.

RRP: $359.00 AUD


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Beach Bunny

Moxi have another colourful offering for beginner to intermediate skaters with the Beach Bunny range. The Bunny’s come in Watermelon, Peach, Periwinkle, Lemonade or Blue Sky. These vinyl skates (making them vegan friendly) have a curved collar, ankle padding, glitter outdoor wheels, intermediate level aluminium plate and adjustable toe stops. Moxi has given the Beach Bunny range an added bonus with matching vinyl toe caps to help protect your skates. These skates are a bit narrower than the Rainbow Rider for those who don’t need as much width or space in the toe box. We recommend skating 1 size down from your regular shoe size.

RRP: $359 AUD


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Sitting somewhere between the Jungle and the Lolly, the Moxi Panther is a great skate for beginners that would prefer a upper suede boot. It is rumoured to be a cousin of the Jungle / Beach Bunny as it carries some similarities. Unlike the Lolly the Panther has a more supportive boot with a vinyl inner construction, however the Panther is not made in the USA like the Lolly. Specs include leopard print lining, intermediate level Marvel aluminium plate, clear glitter outdoor wheels and adjustable toe stops. We recommend skating 1 size down from your regular shoe size.

RRP: $469 AUD


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The Moxi Lolly comes in all colours of the rainbow! These skates are made in the USA and each one is individually hand stitched. These high quality skates are long lasting, and are made for comfort. We have seen many skaters that are still wearing the Lolly’s they purchased when Moxi was established. These premium skates come ready to roll with a superior flexible boot, a quality nylon plate, as well as great outdoor wheels and bearings. Lolly’s are suitable for all skill levels but for those looking to upgrade their set up the Lolly also comes in a boot only option to create your ultimate dream skates. This is an excellent skate but it is soft and doesn’t offer a great deal of ankle support, making the Jack a preferred Moxi skate if you plan to park skate in addition to your RollerFit skating.

RRP: $649 AUD


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Jack 1 Boot

The Moxi Jack 1 boot is the original hard boot from Moxi which has become a cult classic due to its unique fit, high durability, and extreme versatility. The Jack 1 is on the stiffer end of the boot hardness spectrum offering a lot more support than a Lolly. This boot has a heavy duty toe box, lots of cushy padding and decent stiffness through the toe and base of the heel making it great for recreational skating, dance and park skating.  

These babies are hand stitched in the USA and come in the standard colours of Black or Teal with the new Moxi leopard print lining. You can also order custom colours from the Moxi suede range which takes extra time, usually between 12-14 weeks to arrive in Australia. The beauty of a Jack 1 boot is that they can be paired with a plate of your choice for a premium setup or there are some ready-made set ups also available.

RRP: Varies depending on plate and hardware. Send an email to for all custom orders.

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Jack 2 Boot

For the more serious skater, the brand new Jack 2 is a harder, stiffer and more supportive boot offering from Moxi. These boots are fresh off the press and double-backed with dual density padding and foam around the ankles for comfort and super support. Compared to a Jack 1, the Jack 2’s stiffness remains consistent throughout the whole boot, from the toe box right to the top. Moxi is marketing the Jack 2 towards the more hectic park skater doing flips, big airs, gaps, rails and grinds but they would also be suitable for any type of skating where you are looking for more stiffness and support.

Just like the Jack 1 and Lolly boots, the Jack 2 are hand stitched in the USA. They come in four standard colours: Black, True Blue, Lilac and Vegan White all with the Moxi leopard print lining, black backstay and heel. You can also order custom colours from the Moxi suede range which takes extra time, usually between 12-14 weeks to arrive in Australia. Like all boot only options, we love the beauty of being able to create your own dream set up for any skate discipline.

RRP: Standard colours of the Jack 2 boot only are $699 AUD. Custom colours are subject to a customs fee. Send an email to for all custom orders and queries.

That’s a wrap on the range of Moxi roller skates! Make sure to check out other quality Moxi products like toe stops and wheels to spruce up your new ride or if you’re wanting more roller skate recommendations you can read about other skates we love over here. Whatever skates you choose, we hope to see you rolling at one of our RollerFit classes or out and about soon!


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