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Moxi Pads – Protective Gear With A Colourful Twist

June 1, 2021

Moxi Pads – Protective Gear With A Colourful Twist

Moxi have long been bringing rainbows to the skate world with their bright palette of roller skates, and now they have added to their wave of colourful offerings with protective pads, designed to keep you safe while you roll.


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The Moxi pads come in three colour choices – pink, lavender, and jade – and are a collaboration with Triple 8 / 187 pads. But what does that mean? Sure, these pads look great, but what everyone is wondering is who are these pads for? Will they stand up to all styles of skating? And, most importantly, are they comfortable?

Here’s our take on what we know about the Moxi pads so far.

What’s included?

These all in one packs come with kneepads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. This is great for those who want to wear ALL the padding while they skate, and want an affordable package.

What about quality and comfort?

Triple 8 and 187 are some of the top names in the protective gear world, so they definitely know what they are doing when it comes to making pads. These aren’t low-grade department store pads that are going to fall apart after a few uses. They are the real deal.

The contoured form fitting design of the kneepads is designed to cradle the knee, and the profile is based off the 187 fly pad with a foam system to absorb hard impacts. While the fly’s are popular among park skateboarders and roller skaters, they aren’t as heavily padded as the 187 derby pads, or the 187 pros.

If you are prone to falling heavily on your knees, or have a previous injury, you might like something with some extra support. However, for most users, especially those coming from using no pads at all, these will give you all the protection you need. The plus side is that the streamline shape and close contact caps reduce bulk and won’t impact your mobility.

On all the pads in the set, the seamless interiors mean that they are super comfortable, with ballistic nylon industrial stitching to stand the test of time.


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Who should use these?

While we are yet to test these for all styles of skating, we think they will be suitable for most skate styles. We’d definitely recommend these pads to beginner skaters who should be padding up with all the gear while they get comfortable on their wheels.

These will also give outdoor street skaters more confidence, as they will give you protection in the case of unexpected tumbles (we all know those pesky rocks and twigs are sometimes unavoidable).

Park skaters will need to decide for themselves if these are the right kit for them, but those who have used and liked the Fly kneepads will find them suitable. Those coming from a heftier pad might like something with alot more extra padding. Or you might use these on the days when you are cruisin’ or want extra mobility, and something a bit bigger when you feel you need it. 

How does the sizing work?

At the moment these packs come in 3 standard sizes: XS, S/M, and L/XL. A size chart can be found here: Plus a Junior Range which is great. https://www.moxiskates.com/collections/pads/products/moxi-pads-lavender. Currently, these sizes probably won’t cover all skaters and body types. Moxi recognise that there are no ‘one size fits all products’ and if these pads don’t currently come in your size, they want to hear from you! You can contact them at cs@moxirollerskates.com. Or, contact us at RollerFit and we can help you find something that is a good fit.

In summary, we are super stoked that Moxi have brought out a high quality set of pads suitable to most skaters, that are affordable, and look great in a range of colours. These are now available to order, and we recommend getting in quick before the drop in the Aus dollar pushes the price up (or they sell out).

Where to buy in Australia – Shop.rollerfit.com.au 

Now you just need to decide which colour matches your skates!

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