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Meet our new trainers ready to bring RollerFit to Bathurst!

Meet our new trainers ready to bring RollerFit to Bathurst!

September 18, 2014

Anna Smith has been skating for 3 years learning to skate at Nepean Derby Dolls (coached by one of our other RollerFit instructors) and shortly after joined South Side Derby Dolls in Sydney to begin playing. She has gained skills through coaching by some of the best skaters in Australia as well as international guests. She moved to Bathurst a year ago to escape city life and is loving doing graphic design work from her farm. She is still skating with her Sydney team, making the long drive to training every week, as well taking on the responsibility of being Captain of the travel team ‘The Force’.  This year her team travelled to Adelaide for nationals (Finishing 2nd in Division 2) and recently won the 5×5 Derby Championship for the second year in a row. She is currently sharing the skills she has learnt by coaching Oberon Roller Derby and we think she is the perfect coach to share the love of RollerFit and roller skating with Bathurst!

Our other coach Nicole Johnson grew up as a bit of a rink rat and got back on skates about 4 years ago. She has gained her most recent experience through Roller Derby communities, including Broken Hill Roller Derby and Murder City in Adelaide. Since moving to the area in December 2013 she joined the local ‘Bathurst Roller Derby League’ the following January and has since become president and coach for the league. She is now ready to spread her love of skating to those who may not want to play, but do want to skate. You will also find her supplementing her skating with cross-fit and yoga which she will of course bring to RollerFit!


2 hours, 2 Sessions
11.30 am-12.15pm Session 1: Beginner/Intermediate
12.30pm – 1.15pm Session 2: Intermediate/Advanced

Please arrive 15mins before class to get your skates on! 

Regular classes will run weekly on Tuesdays 6pm-7pm (All Levels) starting Tuesday 21 October. Membership and class passes for Tuesday will be available to purchase at the open day or our website www.rollerfit.com.au/bathurst/

RollerFit is for 16+

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