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Hitting the streets - a guide to outdoor wheels

Hitting the streets – a guide to outdoor wheels

June 1, 2021

Hitting the streets – a guide to outdoor wheels

As the RollerFit Rollathon gets under way, we have been getting asked by loads of people which wheels are best to use outdoors as you hit the trails, carparks, bumpy sidewalks, and other less than ideal rolling terrain. It is a good idea for every skater to have some outdoor wheels in the collection to avoid flat spotting or damaging your indoor or park wheels.

While having a set of outdoor wheels will definitely make your life easier, we often find that lots of the products in this category are pretty similar. They tend to be big and cushy, are made from similar materials, and hover around the same price point. These aren’t going to be your high performance wheels that you use for nailing complex manoeuvres, so you don’t need to over think it too much.

However, some things to look out for when buying your wheels are the kind of hub the wheels have, their hardness, and their size. A nylon hub will be lighter weight than an aluminium hub, and wheels with no hubs at all are the cheapest to make, and generally don’t perform as well or last as long. If you like to go fast, then a bigger wheel is recommended. As a general rule stay away from the hard, cheap, plastic wheels that sometimes come on skates, and opt for a urethane compound in the 70-80a range.

To point you in the right direction, here are a few of our favourites:

Radar Energy radar energy

These wheels come in a range of sizes from 57mm-67mm and are a 78a compound. They have a good shape for allowing control and quick movement, while also being super stable. They are one of our favourites because they are lightweight compared to some other options PLUS colour options. We find that they are a quality, long lasting wheel for a range of outdoor uses.

Moxi GummyMoxi Gummy

The Moxi Gummy wheels come standard on lots of Moxi products, and are great for outdoors, especially for beginners. If these came on your skates, there is no hurry to rush out for an upgrade, as they are good outdoor wheel. Also, if you are looking for an ideal beginner wheel, these are very stable. They are a little heavier than the Radar Energy but are the same hardness (78a) and will serve you well on a range of surfaces.

Moxi Fundae 

Moxi Fundae

These are Moxi’s genuine all rounder hybrid wheels  and are perfect for the skater who never wants to change their wheels! While they aren’t designed for a single style of skating, they are good for just about anything. Roll from the street, into your RollerFit class and onto the skate park with ease. The hardness of these wheels isn’t on the packaging but they are in the early 90’s, which is still soft enough to absorb bumps, while not being so soft as to feel sluggish on a smooth surface. These are more of an intermediate or higher wheel because they are smaller in size, and not as absorbing as the bigger, softer wheels.




Outdoor roller skating is so much fun if you have the right gear. You’ve got the wind in your and the thrill of speed as different scenery races by. Outdoor wheel makes for a better time because they will absorb the bumps as you pass over pesky cracks and gumnuts. You can check out the full range of outdoor wheels in our shop.

Happy rolling!

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