For your Little Roller: Kids Roller Skates and Protective Gear We Recommend

March 22, 2022

We have been seeing a lot of new little skaters out and about and in our classes. Roller skating is a fantastic way for kids to get some exercise, learn different skills and have fun! Whether you’re looking for their first set of skates or an upgrade, getting the right skates and gear will go a long way in helping that little roller in your life to learn and develop a passion for skating. We know that there’s a lot to wrap your head around when choosing roller skates and protective gear. To make these important decisions a bit easier we have compiled a guide of the roller skates and protective gear that we love and recommend for kids.

Before we get started there are a few things to keep in mind as you search for the right skates and gear for that little roller in your life.

  • Roller skates can be expensive, but the cost is indicative of the quality and durability. Quality skates also make a big difference in feeling comfortable and learning skills which goes a long way in helping your little roller to develop a real passion for skating.
  • When purchasing skates for kids we recommend going 1-2 sizes up from their normal shoe size to enable them to grow into their skates. Wearing skates that are a little on the big side won’t impede your little roller’s skating experience. Just chuck an innersole in and wear thick socks and they won’t know the difference!
  • Toe guards are a new skater’s best friend! Toe guards are designed to protect the toe box of roller skates from getting holes or tearing any front seam stitching when falling.
  • Falling is a part of the skating experience. Protective gear should fit nice and snug to help your little roller be as safe as possible when on 8 wheels.



SFR has a decent range of skates suitable for kids. The company has over 25 years of experience with roller skating, rollerblading and ice skating products.

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For the littlest rollers, we recommend the Nebula which is an adjustable skate. The sizing of these skates can be expanded or reduced along 3 size levels to accommodate kids growing feet. These skates are made from a hard plastic exterior with a soft boot liner. They also feature a bolt-on style toe stop and wheels that are a suitable size for little feet. There are two sizing options for the Nebula’s, Junior EU 29-33 or 33-37.

RRP $175. 00 AUD



Moxi roller skates are a US-based roller skating company that are known for making quality, durable and colourful skates. Moxi have a range of skates to suit all kinds of skaters and some of their products come in kids sizing too.

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Rainbow Rider

As the most beginner and affordable Moxi skate, the Rainbow Riders is an excellent skate to learn in with an adjustable toe stop and aluminium alloy plate (but Moxi have advised that it isn’t suitable for skateparks). This is one of the funkiest and most colourful options available and comes in a base colour of black, pink, or yellow with the rainbow design. Sizing starts at a Junior size 1 and is also available in adult sizing if your little roller isn’t so little.

RRP: $279 AUD


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Beach Bunny or Jungle

Moxi has some sturdier yet still colourful and funky offerings that are suitable for beginner to intermediate skaters. The Beach Bunny range comes in Watermelon, Peach, Periwinkle, Lemonade or Blue Sky and the Jungle are the leopard print skates of your dreams! These vinyl skates have a curved collar, ankle padding, glitter outdoor wheels, adjustable toe stops, and an intermediate level aluminium plate that will accommodate your little roller as they get more confident on 8 wheels. Moxi has given the Beach Bunny and Jungle skates an added bonus with matching vinyl toe caps to help protect your skates. Sizing begins at a Junior US 1 and goes right up to adult sizes.

RRP: $359.00 AUD



Suregrip has a reputation as one of the best in the roller skating business, creating quality roller skates and roller skating products since 1936.

suregrip fame 1 1296x


If you love the look of a fresh white or classic roller skate, check out the Fame series from Suregrip. The Fame is a perfect beginner skate and at Rollerfit we use them for our rentals, with some sets still going strong after 7 years of love! Featuring a vinyl boot, comfortable microfiber padded lining, adjustable toe stops, and a low boot profile, these roller skates are a great option for your little roller. Suregrip has also recently released the Fame boot in fun new colours like Pink Passion, Golden Hour and Blue Dream Aqua if you’re looking for colour. Sizing begins with a US Junior 8 to US size 4, price increases as you go into adult sizing of US 4-12.

RRP: $329.00-399.00 AUD


Chuffed Skates

Chuffed Skates are an Australian brand birthed from a roller skate shortage during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Chuffed Skates are designed by roller skaters for roller skaters and do great things to nurture the roller skating community and other community causes.

ChuffedRollerSkatesYewllowMustardMoxiRollerSkatesPinapple 1296x

Wanderer and Crew Collection

If your little roller has not so little feet or fits into adult sizing from a size 4 upwards Chuffed Skates could be for you. These skates are bit more expensive but for the price you are getting a suede skate, padded lining, adjustable toe stop, aluminium plate and hybrid wheels. If your little roller is looking to venture to the skatepark we highly recommend a skate like these as the aluminium plate will be able to withstand the impact that comes from park skating. The suede outer will also endure a lot more falls and scrapes than a vinyl boot.

RRP: $449.00-499.00 AUD


Protective Gear
Knee, elbow and wrist protection

ROLLERFIT2021027 1296x

Just like roller skates, protective gear pricing is indicative of its quality, durability and level of padding.

We know getting kids to wear their protective gear can be a mission sometimes! At the very least we recommend that your little roller should have some form of hand protection as kids mostly tend to fall to their hands. For great hand protection we recommend our Palm Sliders. We designed these sliders with a shock-absorbing gel formula that absorbs the impact of falls whilst the hard plastic exterior enables the hands to slide out for a safer fall.

Combo packs are an easy and affordable way to get elbow, knee and wrist protection in one go. A lot of combo packs come in funky colours and patterns to make protective gear as fun as it is functional. The most affordable options are the Triple 8 Saver Series and Smiths Scab Tri Packs. For those looking for a bit more padding, we recommend the 187 Combo or Six Packs. A higher level of padding is especially important if your little roller is heading to the skatepark or the derby track. If packs aren’t your thing, 187 also offer great options for separate knee, elbow and wrist protection.



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To protect that beautiful young brain a helmet is important! You want to be on the lookout for a helmet that is certified by Australian standards. At RollerFit we are big lovers of the S-One Lifer helmet range. Not only do they come in cool colours and patterns but they are also certified, super comfortable and you can get replacement liners if they get a bit smelly. The Triple 8 certified range also has some fun and functional helmet options too.


No matter what skates and gear you choose we know that your little roller is going to fall in love with roller skating! If you have any further questions about roller skates you can check out other blogs on what skates, tech and gear we recommend or you can email RollerFit also offer kids classes to help your little roller get rolling the right way and you can check for class locations closest to you over here.



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