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Don’t Make Skating a New Years Resolution

June 1, 2021

Don’t Make Skating a New Years Resolution

Let’s face it. For many of us, New Years resolutions are already out the window. That fad diet never even got started and was never going to work, and while our good intentions are still in place, our big goals might be losing their sparkle. That’s the problem with new years resolutions. They demand radical change rather than shifts to your lifestyle that you are actually happy about making.

Skating is supposed to be fun, that’s why we don’t think it should be lumped in with other resolutions. It can be taken up absolutely any day of the year, and if you need a break from it for a little while because you get busy or life happens, you don’t need to feel guilty. Just come back to it when you are ready.

If you are thinking about incorporating more skating into your life in 2019, what kind of skating will fit into and improve your lifestyle?

1. Fitness, fun and friends

Skating for fitness is proven to burn more calories than running, but it’s nowhere near as tedious. If you have a RollerFit class near you, head along and incorporate fun exercises, games and skate skills into your routine. You will probably even make some new skate mates!

2. Smooth moves

Roller Dance also know as Rhythm Skating is here to channel your inner groove and style. Roller Dance uses elements of disco, modern dance, ballroom, jazz dancing,  and even roller figure skating. Essential moves include spins, splits, advanced footwork, and even line dancing are also thrown into the mix. Roller Dance is a great way to express yourself in your Roller Skating. Plus the added bonus of learning new moves for your next Roller Disco. We run classes in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle and coming soon to Brisbane. Keep an eye out on our social pages.

3. An adrenaline rush

If you are looking for a rush of adrenaline and to push your skills, you might try ramp skating. Remember to skate within your ability level, and if you know someone who can show you the basics, ask for help. Be comfortable skating on the flat before you take to the transition, and start with pumping. If you are already shredding the ramps, maybe this is the year to learn that trick that has been eluding you. Learning is the fun part and when you land it, it will be worth the wait.

4. Stay at home skate club

Maybe you want to practice some smooth moves from the comfort of your own home. There are many great online tutorials you can use to get started. We particularly love the fun and informative clips from Planet Roller Skate.

Whatever kind of skating you decide to take up this year, remember to do it with a smile, and even when you don’t achieve what you want to right away, always keep rolling!

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