Chuffed Skates 101: For Beginners to Pros

Chuffed Skates dropped onto the skate brand scene in 2020 much to the excitement of the local Australian skate community. At the time, Australia was in its first Covid lockdown and skaters were suffering from a worldwide skate shortage and skaters-to-be struggled to get their feet into their first set of skates. Chuffed Skates saved the day by creating an independent and skater-owned brand to fill the growing demand for quality affordable skates here in Oz.

There are so many things we love about Chuffed like:

  • All Chuffed products are designed here in Australia by skaters, for skaters.
  • They are a skating company that is independently owned and staffed by skaters.
  • All the different Chuffed Crews around the world are made up of awesome skaters!
  • Chuffed Crew members get royalties for their work with Chuffed (sadly this is not common in the skating industry).
  • Chuffed is pushing the boundaries of roller skating hardware and creating much needed product innovation.
  • Chuffed feed the love back into the community with a portion of sales from different skates going to not-for-profit organisations and community group discounts.
  • They even have a podcast where you can listen to awesome conversations with skaters from around the world. Check it out over here!

We get lots of questions about Chuffed, so to make all of our lives easier we’ve compiled our knowledge about Chuffed Skates here for you to peruse at your leisure. We’ve got you covered with a breakdown of each type of skate that Chuffed has introduced into the skate market.


Chuffed by Georgia 9931


First up we have the Cruiser. Super cute and the perfect skate for beginners or those who like a simple cruising setup. The Chuffed Cruiser skates have a stylish 2-tone vinyl boot, aluminium alloy eyelets, and loads of cushioning and padding through the tongue and insole. This means they are super comfy and offer a medium level of support and firmness! Hardware wise these babies are kitted out with a nylon plate, an adjustable toe stop, hybrid 58mm 82a wheels and ABEC 7 bearings. Whilst they are not suitable for the skate park, these skates will suit people learning to skate, trail skating, dance skating and doing RollerFit. The plate may be nylon but it offers plenty of movement and you can definitely hit those edges. Also, did we mention that the sizing range goes from kids through to those big adult feet. The Cruiser is a seriously good deal for skates in this price range!

RRP: 249 AUD


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Wanderer and Crew Collection

Next up in the Chuffed Skates product line we have their first model to be born into the skate world, the Wanderer and Crew Collection. These skates are ideal for beginner and intermediate level skaters. Whether you’re a dance skater, park skater, RollerFit skater or  you like to dabble with a bit of everything, the Wanderer or Crew skates will work for you.

The Wanderer skates have a suede boot in Burgundy, Olive Green and Peach Pink or there is also a Black vegan microfibre option. The Crew Collection are all suede boots coming in Mustard Yellow, Black, Blue, Orange and Grey each with fancy lining designed by some of the Chuffed team skaters. The boot offers medium support and firmness. Lots of padding means these babies are comfy right out of the box and there’s next to no break in time. They are also super light so it’s like skating on clouds! For the hardware, you get an intermediate level aluminium plate with an adjustable toe stop and hybrid 58mm 82a wheels standard or Chuffed Chillers on select models. The cushions on these skates are pretty hard so you may want to upgrade to some softer cushions once you’re ready to start hitting your edges more. Overall, the Wanderer and Crew Collection skates are a great mid-range option in the skate market.

RRP: 449 – 499 AUD


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Pro Boot

The latest addition to the Chuffed product line is the Pro Boot. These are for the skater who wants to take their skills to the next level with a custom setup or those looking for more support in a firmer boot. Comparable stiffness-wise to a Moxi Jack 1, the Pro Boot’s support is focused on the ankle, holding you in all the right places but not compromising your movement and range of motion in any way. The extra reinforcement of the boot added with the padded foam lining and shock absorbing innersoles makes for a super comfy and snug fitting stiff boot, but without the long break in period. These fresh boots also feature some boot carry loops, hectic heavy duty aluminium alloy eyelets, tongue stabiliser and 360° stitched and glued soles to prevent heel lift. The beauty of a boot only option is that you get to make your dream skate setup, customising everything from the plate, mounting, wheels etc. For any custom skate setup enquiries send us an email.

There you have it, all the Chuffed info you need! Don’t forget that when you support Chuffed you’re supporting an independent, skater-owner and skater-staffed business that devotes all its energy to roller skating. What’s not to love?!

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