Can You Roller Skate Outdoors? – Everything You Need to Know

January 16, 2023

Can you roller skate outside? We get asked this question all the time in classes, our inbox and DMs. So if you’ve been wondering this you’re not alone.

Well, the answer is yes. A big, super duper, giant, YES! In fact, we highly encourage people to lace up and get rolling outside. It’s loads of fun, you get a dose of Vitamin D and you pick up lots of new skills and confidence. To help you get rolling outside we’ve put together all the information you need to know, from where you should skate, what you should take on your outdoor skate adventures and some helpful tips to get you rolling safely.

Where do you roller skate outdoors?
The RollerFit team has lots of experience scoping out outdoor skate spots and those prime skateable surfaces. We have our usual checklist of the kinds of spaces we seek out when we need an outdoor skating pick-me-up.


Local netball and basketball courts give you space for days!
If you like lots of space and an even surface, do a search for some outdoor netball or basketball courts in your local area. We love heading to the local courts for a dance, catching up with skate mates or even just rolling around in big circles for hours.

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Take it to the trails!
We are talking bike tracks or walking paths that go for kilometres. You get to soak up some nature, take in the sights and get your skate fix all at once. Make sure to wear outdoor wheels for maximum comfort and watch where you skate.


Car parks can be an all-weather skate haven!
Multi-storey car parks are one of our favourite sneaky skate spots. They usually have smooth polished concrete and rooftops are usually empty. Just keep in mind that some car parks may be monitored by security and may forbid skating in the complex, please respect the rules and security guards if they ask you to move along.

sophie skatepark

Skate parks are for the wild and the tame!
Skate parks can be an intimidating prospect but we think they’re loads of fun. Park skating doesn’t have to be wild tricks and flips, it can be cruising around the street section or a bowl, just make sure you wear all the protective gear you can. For everything you need to know about park skating, check out this blog.

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Hit the streets!
Roller skates are the best way to explore where you live or a new place you find yourself. If you want a smooth ride, wear some outdoor wheels and be mindful of your surroundings. Who knows, maybe you’re even more adventurous and want to try “street” style aggressive skating. Just make sure to respect the spaces and any rules or security guards that might be around.

What do you need for roller skating outdoors?
How you choose to roll outdoors is a personal preference but here’s a general checklist of things you might like to think about adding to your outdoor skating kit:

  • Outdoor wheels in the 78a-84a hardness range for a soft ride.
  • Protective gear such as palm sliders or wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet. Wear what makes you feel comfortable!
  • Skate tool to keep everything up to the task.
  • Headphones or a speaker for the tunes.
  • Hat and sunscreen. Sun safety is sexy!
  • A broom or leaf blower to clean up debris.
  • A skate friend or the whole crew for some extra fun.

Need some helpful tips for outdoor skating?

  • Always bend your knees!
  • Stagger your stance and hold a bit more weight in your back leg, this will help get you over cracks, bumps and debris.
  • Embracing a bit of speed can make for a smoother ride.
  • Get comfortable with walking on your toe stops.
  • Watch out for vehicles, bikes and pedestrians.
  • Check out Youtube and social media for some handy tutorials. To get you started, Skatie from the UK has some great beginner basics for skating outdoors and as always Queer Girl Straight Skates has some helpful advice in this tutorial too. 

So, are you ready to get out there and explore the great outdoors on 8 wheels? For all your outdoor skating product needs head over to the RollerFit Shop where you can find all the wheels, protective gear, roller skates and apparel you need for your outdoor skate adventures. As always, if you have any questions about anything skate related, you can drop us a line here. Enjoy the sunshine and good times with your skate mates 🌞


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