5 Reasons Why New Skaters Are Awesome

June 1, 2021

5 Reasons Why New Skaters Are Awesome

We have definitely noticed the huge influx of people strapping on 8 wheels for the first time lately, and wanted to take a moment to reflect on why new skaters are so awesome.

The other day I was saying to one of my friends that I remember a time when it actually felt possible to know every quad skater who skates in skateparks in Australia. That might seem ridiculous in other countries, but for years, we really have been a pretty small community. Now, I don’t even know all the roller skaters in my local skate park, not to mention all the skaters hitting the sidewalks and boardwalks. Roller skating is definitely booming, and the newest initiates bring loads to the party.

Here are 5 reasons why we love new skaters.

1. They remind us of beginner stoke

As anyone who has skated with a beginner recently knows, it’s so fun watching someone learn a trick or move for the first time. It’s the next best thing to being able to rewind time and learn the skill all over again yourself. When you’re a new skater, there is so much to unlock, and almost every session means doing something new.

2. They can teach us how to use Tik Tok.

I’m over 30, so I don’t quite understand Tik Tok. I didn’t even know people used it to share roller skating content until very recently. Lots of new skaters are Tik Tok masters and can teach us how to turn our sweet moves into even sweeter videos.

3. You can show them Estro doing a back flip (or other cool content)

Heaps of skaters have come to the community without a lot of knowledge about high profile skaters or roller skating history. Some might not have ever seen another person skating in real life before. Imagine how much they’re going to lose their mind when you show them Estro doing a backflip? Or the vintage footage of Duke Rennie and co. riding bowls in the 70’s? We get to share what got us hyped when we first started skating, and expand the limits of what they know is possible.

4. More skaters means more opportunities

The more skaters there are, the more opportunities there are for roller skating in general. More people can work as roller skating instructors and influences. Roller skating brands benefit from increased sales. There can be more roller skating events. More sponsorship opportunities. More roller skating content. Basically, more roller skaters means more roller skating everything, for everyone!

5. They bring new perspectives

New skaters bring lots of new perspectives and experiences with them. I’ve already noticed so many fresh faces and styles, and so much diversity in the people who are taking up skating for the first time. They can help us to look at skating in a new light, and to grow as a community.

These are only a few of the reasons why we love new skaters. We had no idea that a global pandemic would bring so many people to skating, but hope that everyone who has recently connected with our community feels welcome and encouraged. We’re always here to answer questions when you just want to know what the difference between a 7mm or 8mm bearing is, or what on earth a pivot cup is for. We’ve all been there!

Brands (including us at RollerFit) have certainly noticed all the new skaters, and in turn, loads of beginner friendly content is being created online so that everyone, everywhere can learn to skate. That means that even if you’ve been skating for a while, you can benefit from all these tips and tutorials.

Next time you see a skater in one of your local spots that you don’t recognise, we encourage you to go say hi! Maybe you’ll find yourself a new skate mate. And if you’re a new beginner skater, don’t be shy. Come and have a chat and ask those burning questions. We’re just excited as you to see someone else with roller skates, and most of us can happily talk for days about roller skating.


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